Digital posters at Titanic Hotels, Belfast and Liverpool

with diversity

We can cater for any scale or configuration of digital signage screens you have in mind -

Whether large or small, portrait or landscape, wall mounted or free standing totem, touch or non touch, single screen or imposing video-wall ... Legato has a beautiful solution for you.

Bedford House 14 screen 4K video wall

Advertise, inform, entertain

Legato's system is being used all over the world for a wide range of applications and uses

Digital wayfinders help visitors to navigate buildings, whilst digital posters are being used, indoor and out, to advertise, inform, entertain & much more. Stunning video walls are stopping people in their tracks with incredible, multi-storey visual showcases. incredible versatility of our screens and software means that almost any business can gain substantial benefits by using it.

Multiple content 55" screen in various hospital settings, for the Southern Trust

Size doesn't matter !


Our software is not restricted to specific screen types, sizes or configurations. Whether your project requires one screen or many, HD or 4K, high-bright or touch screens, we’ll ensure that you have what you need. If you require digital displays for other purposes, we can supply them at competitive prices.

High-brightness screens at Estate Agents all over Northern Ireland

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