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Power and versatilty

Legato's complete digital signage software is powerful and versatile, yet very user-friendly.

Developed by us with you in mind, insight helps you cut through the noise and control the message so whether you want to educate, entertain or advertise you can do it with insight.

Insight Director CMS

Insight Director is our Content Management System, which puts you in command. Designed to be intuitive and user friendly, it let you manage your content and screens together.

Live Data Client

The Live Data client allows you to add real time data to your screen, bringing it to life!

It helps to keep audiences engaged, by displaying information that is current and relevant. insight digital signage supports live data from a number of sources:

Software & hardware in perfect harmony

Insight Media Player is the combined hardware and software platform that drives your signage screens.

It is the product of many years of development and refinement. Its compact hardware is fast, efficient and perfectly suited to controlling your digital signs, whilst its software is designed to make the absolute most of the hardware.

Powerful and reliable

Insight Media Player is powerful, reliable and optimized for digital signage. Its Linux-based software is the chosen software for some of the most successful companys in the UK and beyond.

Content King

Supports video, images, live HD TV, audio, interactive content Twitter and other live data feeds. Cashes your content so that your signs keep going if your internet connection fails.

Easy to live with

Insight Media Player is compact, quiet and energy-efficient. With Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi and 3G/4G dongle support, it will happily join any network using either DHCP or static IP addresses.
Our insight media player

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